Yes, I have decided to finally write my short trips to MO and TX!!

We went to Missouri actually a —relatively— long time ago, in August 20th. It was a day-long trip, we left the house early at 7 or so and came back at 12 at night. It was tired but great.

We went to Northwestern Missouri, stopping by Gallatin and Jamesport. Gallatin is a small pretty village, that appears calm and happy. The car was giving problems so we stopped there for at least 1 hour and a half before it was fixed. In that time, We wandered around, catching pokemons (my brothers, not me huh), counting cats at a creepy house and discovering an awesome library.

My host parents had ordered beef to an amish woman from Missouri so we went there and also to an amish house nearby where they sold things so I got to take a glance to how they live. They use neither cars nor technological items and close to no electronics (most of them have a common phone they barely use, exclusively to call people that live far away). I saw their fields, barns, some carriages and how they dress. I find it amazing how they can live that way having all the technology almost at their front door.

We spent the rest of the day visiting some family and friends, all of them super nice and close. Sadly, time ran out and we finally had to go back home as it was becoming dark.

Oh, going and returning we drove through Kansas City and it left me already looking forward to go there somewhen.


img_2147 img_2158 img_2172 img_2181 img_2189

To Texas we went the following weekend, from Friday to Sunday. This time we spent the weekend in Amarillo. We visited a lot of family and a friend of the family, with whom we went to see a house in the country that was for sale.

We did not do much more but I had a lot of fun and I am glad I met them all.

While we were going back to Kansas, a storm broke and it seemed the apocalypse. The sky was all black, wind was fiercely blowing, it was raining and at some time hailing. We had to stop by a gas station to wait the storm to stop and when at some time we wanted to go to the restroom, those few seconds out of the car under the rain made us get soaked. It was awesome though, I think I had not seen any storm like that before. Well,actually maybe in Kansas, the day I arrived there was a magnificent one.

And again, as we went to Texas and headed back to Kansas, we passed by Oklahoma and through Oklahoma City, city that reminded me of The Notebook I do not know exactly why, but oh, it was beautiful.

img_2208 img_2215 img_2219 img_2228

Oklahoma City sunset
Oklahoma City sunset

What I have to say left is that Texas and Kansas look very similar, flat and green and with beautiful sunrises and sunsets (and now also storms) and that Missouri is green too but with a lot more trees and seems more natural. Oklahoma in the other hand, appeared to me dry and west-like, would love to go there and discover more though.

Little by little, I am discovering more states and that helps me realize how huge this country is: each state looks different and has different costumes, each state has a different charm. What we all have to do is find it and squeeze it to the fullest.


6 thoughts on “Missouri and Texas

  1. Dear Sara,
    Enjoy your stay at US and take the maximum profit to your personal learning and growth.
    Don’t forget to visit Menphis and St Louis, 2 amazing places full of histories, legends and iogur ice creams (Jerry’s Sno Cones) 😜😜.



    1. Dear Cintia,
      I am trying to get the best out of this experience, every day is different!
      Thank you for the recommendation! For sure I will go if I have the opportunity 😊 Wow Snow Cones are truly an invention. I do not understand why they don’t spread around the world (same question with Sonic)!
      A hug for you too!


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